I said hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
H- Hell yeah!
Hell yeah!
I'm a been feeling frantic about my shiny new toys, and I gotta buy them all just once and then just sing hell yeah.
Well I said hell yeah.
I'm a-thinking bout my mother and my father thinking they could use a little more hell yeah.
I said hell yeah.

Let me make this crystal clear:
I'm one step back,
From a bargain,
So don't you cut this line,
I've beaten men for less
I know it gets a bit crazy and I start to time out,
Gotta get a grip on this before,
It turns the screw on me yeah,
Who's got the time to think when life's just one big spending spree?

All the big fashions, all the big bargains, this weekend only, out they go, out they go.



Gotta get a grip gotta get the new thing or I'll almost down on wind and scream hell yeah.
I just gotta get the new hair gel or something, my new fo-hawk that I just bought hell yeah.

Let me make this crystal clear,
Hell yeah!
I said hell yeah!
You say hell yeah!
We say hell yeah!

Because you're low!
And all you're losing is your soul!
Your just worshipping a billboard.
You're just a billboard!
I said you're low!
And all you're losing is your soul!
Your just worshipping!
Heh, I bought my Anthony Robbins, yeah.
You know I'm booked on Contiki, hell yeah!
They're gonna fly to Bali, hell yeah!
And now I just, ohh.

Spending my dollars to help all the paupers who make all the product you can't live without.
A new count of losses so welcome to this world and buying and selling a third of your chance in hell yeah!

Sing hell yeah!
Sing hell yeah!
Well hell yeah, yeah, yeah,
You sing hell yeah!